Europe Of Startup Accelerators: Most Active Startup Programs In Each Country

Disclaimer: our aggregation looks at for-profit programs that aren’t a spin-up of corporate, government or intergovernmental programs.

We’ve put together this map to show some of the most active accelerator programs currently investing in technology in each European country.

Used data comes from our Research Platform. Here we mapped all major European accelerator programs with insights on each portfolio and verticals of focus.

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Startups based in the UK, Sweden, and Germany traditionally account for the majority of tech investment, still, we see startup ecosystems growing all across the old continent, which makes it all the more interesting to keep an eye on investment trends in the region.

Our analysis mainly considered the size of each portfolio in terms of count of graduated startups. We have excluded programs that are entirely supported by EU funds or fully sponsored by corporate programs, e.g. Wayra by Telefonica, and EIT.

To give more visibility to local players we have also excluded accelerators that run programs in Europe but are originally from elsewhere, e.g. in the case of the American seed accelerator Techstars also very active in Europe.

The list of accelerators is available at the end of this post.

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Disclaimer: our main goal is to help you discover some of the most active programs without making a value judgment. While brands such as YC or Techstars are widely recognizable, we thought it would be interesting to map who are the local programs that are leading innovation in each region.

Czech RepublicStartup Yard
EstoniaStartup Wise Guys
FranceThe Family
GermanyGerman Accelerator
IcelandStartup Reykjavík
ItalyDigital Magics
LatviaStartup Wise Guys
LithuaniaStartup Wise Guys
NorwayStartup Lab
PolandStartup Hub Poland
SwitzerlandVenture Kick
United KingdomSeedstars